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There are several MRG and Triarc Training Programs designed to aid in your career development:

Team Member Training Program (TMTP)

Every Hourly Team Member begins the TMTP Workbook on their first day of employment. The TMTP Workbook contains important information on Arby's specs and procedures that you'll need to know to perform your everyday job responsibilities.

Management Training Program (MTP)

Each Salaried Manager Trainee begins this 5-week program on their first day of employment. The MTP is done side-by-side with a Certified Training Manager in a Training Unit. The Trainee completes 2 weeks of team member positions before progressing to Management Training for the remaining 3 weeks. Any Shift Manager being promoted to Assistant Manager must also complete weeks 3-5 in a Training Unit. After completing the MTP, the Trainee is certified to run shifts in an Arby's Restaurant.

Career Development Program (CDP)

This program is for all levels of management, hourly or salaried. It is designed to assist you in the development of leadership and administrative skills, and to prepare for promotion to the next level. The CDP is an at-your-own-pace program. Managers set goals for completion, and Area Supervisors/Directors assist with development and provide follow-up.

Leadership Skills Development Seminar (LSDS)

LSDS is a 3-day classroom Orientation attended by all levels of management, whether newly promoted or newly hired. The purpose of LSDS is to introduce new managers to the basics of our business, our policies and procedures, and the MRG Philosophies and Values. The class is held once per quarter in each region.

Area Supervisor Development Program (ASDP)

ASDP is for General Managers being considered for promotion to Area Supervisor/Director. ASDP is an intensive, 2-part program, consisting of 1 day of classroom leadership seminars, and 2 days of Skill Assessment.


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